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We know the WordPress platform inside and out. We have been developing full time with it for many years now, seeing it evolve from a blogging platform to a content management system that powers nearly 70% of all websites.

Our creatives have been keeping up with the latest updates to the core system including the latest trends, giving our clients the edge when it comes to features, maintenance and support.

A Clear Vertical website is built to the highest web standards and we optimise our sites for clean code and for SEO. Our robust layouts are semantic, easy to read by search engine spiders and are optimised for speed. Our focus is on automating a business using WordPress, collaborating with other 3rd party WordPress solution providers.

WordPress Development Northampton

WordPress FAQ’s

Will a WordPress Website be right for your business?
We would argue that WordPress is the right solution most of the time for small to medium sized businesses.

Does your business need a flexible, extensible website—one that will scale with your business growth?
Most businesses want this to add longevity to their marketing.

The businesses who answer ‘Yes’ to these two simple questions make up most businesses in the UK. They are businesses who want to promote their service and products in the most effective way.  Often businesses want both full control over the project and the flexibility to easily grow it. That could be anyone from a local tradesman to NASA.

These businesses should be using WordPress.

Advanced WordPress Solutions

During the past decade WordPress has been refined, tested, and enhanced. In the process it has evolved into a world-class web publishing system and powers around 40% of the worlds websites.

Clear Vertical’s advanced WordPress solutions craft together strategy, creativity and technology, solving business problems and adding value to your digital strategy. We use WordPress to create and maintain easy to expand websites, those that grow with your business. It is an open source, SEO-friendly platform that happens to power some of the biggest websites in the world. It’s our platform of choice with no limitations.

Helping you with your software…

  • New Application Development
  • Cloud Migration & Customisation
  • Legacy Application Development
  • Application Support & Hosting
  • Project Rescue
  • API Implementation



Website design for evolving companies.

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