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CRM Systems

Clear Vertical produce tailor made CRM systems that help businesses better understand their customers whilst being able to provide solutions for businesses to sell more.

CRM Systems

We are able to create CRM strategies for our clients that help them better connect with their customers. Our software engineers can tailor CRM solutions around a client’s service to strengthen their marketing activities. Clear Vertical have a proven track record in creating bespoke CRM systems, linking 3rd party software applications and making communication more efficient within a business.

The Importance Of A CRM System

Tracking information is very important in a team environment. Storing information on emails, calls and meetings can help businesses grow and make the sales process more efficient. Clear Vertical’s bespoke CRM services are based on cloud accessibility allowing all documents and information to be stored in an online format. Often, Clear Vertical’s software engineers are asked to produce bespoke modules within a CRM system allowing for better business efficiency.

A Bespoke CRM Compared To An Off-The-Shelf Solution

Bespoke CRM systems are tailored to fit the exact requirements of a business allowing the CRM to be fully integrated to help to meet key business goals. Bespoke CRMs are also scalable, growing as a business grows and contracting when businesses downsize to provide a perfect fit for a business’s evolving process. Off-the-shelf CRM solutions are generally a one-size-fits-all solution. They are typically easy to implement, however can be limited in performance and cause a business to work around the system, unlike a bespoke CRM where the system works around the business.

Bespoke CRM Project Scoping

Clear Vertical’s software engineers determine the goals, tasks, costs and deadlines and translate these factors into a perfect-fit bespoke CRM solution. Once establishing a business’s project scope, our internal teams can produce a functional specification of the project highlighting low-level bespoke modules.

CRM Agile Methodology

Clear Vertical take a flexible and versatile approach to providing a bespoke efficient and effective CRM which is essential for businesses to manage their information, leads, sales, priorities and communication. The agile approach that we undertake is reviewed constantly to assess the performance of the CRM to check for maximum efficiency. This constant feedback lets businesses see what is working well along with uncovering new solutions during the development phase.

Our CRM Expertise

Clear Vertical has an in-house software team, readily available at a client’s disposal, to implement bespoke CRMs to create a perfect-fit solution for businesses. We strategise, design and internally develop advanced CRMs built to a client’s specific requirements to strengthen marketing activities and safe storage of confidential data.

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