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At Clear Vertical, we work with clients to ensure their vision, objectives and goals are backed by firm user rationale, before projects even begin. We understand the strategies and tactics that will work for your business, and blend all aspects of marketing communication to deliver a strong and coherent message across digital platforms.

We’re great at coming up with the business-changing ‘big idea’, as well as keeping our promises on the small details that matter. Wherever your potential clients choose to interact with your brand, we’ll add consistency and meaningful content to your offerings.


Deploying an ‘Agile Design Approach’ to our projects encourages flexibility in the design, where our clients can add, remove, evolve and edit their existing plans. As a digital project evolves and new ideas emerge, the design and development process can change to fit the required outcome and new goals.

The ‘Agile’ approach allows for a highly collaborative way of working between both Clear Vertical and our clients. The benefits include regular communication between both parties, a flexible way to develop and enhance the project, and it leads to a better final outcome. This approach is perfect for evolving businesses looking for the visual edge on their competitors.

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WordPress – The Perfect Solution

Clear Vertical are designers, engineers and marketers with a passion for producing visual quality and unique craftsmanship. We offer a comprehensive CMS solution that is the most user-friendly platform on the market place. Our platform of choice is WordPress and when it comes to it, there is not much we cannot do.

We support our clients in all aspects of WordPress web design and complex WordPress development and have the infrastructure and resource to create the best platform for any business looking to boost digital growth, security and scalability. More than 20 percent of the world’s biggest brands now use WordPress as their preferred CMS solution and we think it is the perfect digital platform for aspiring and forward-thinking businesses.

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