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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of a website with higher search engine rankings based on algorithms and relevant links to keywords.


Clear Vertical implement customised Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies to help our clients achieve high rankings in search engines like Google and get the visibility their business requires to direct traffic to their site and generate maximum revenue by converting this traffic into leads.

Our Approach

Search engine promotion is often shrouded in mystery with the claim of it being a ‘dark art’. Our clients get a transparent service that delivers on what it promises – measurable and tangible results in an ever-changing industry sector. Whether this is for local keyword phrases or national terms, we fully audit, monitor and improve business’s website visibility.

Google Algorithm Optimisation

Google’s algorithms rank sites based on their content and links from other websites to the website, along with shares on social media. This increases the attractiveness of the particular website as other sites direct their traffic to this site. Clear Vertical provide SEO optimisation for business websites to help businesses rank higher in search engines.

Importance Of SEO

Users on search engines typically do not search pages when looking for results, they tend to stay on the first page, therefore it is important that websites are ranked highly in search engines. If your website does not display on the first page in a search engine when searching for relevant keywords, it is worth considering an SEO strategy to drive more business to your website.

SEO Audits

Clear Vertical’s approach analyses the current situation of our clients and evaluates the website to make it become more optimal. To become more optimal, Clear Vertical’s expert team look at information architecture, coding, and backlink profiles, along with meta keywords and meta descriptions to focus on optimal keywords for the client’s practices.


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