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Analytics & Reporting

Clear Vertical’s experience, specialist skills and technology help clients truly understand how their website and marketing strategies are performing.

Analytics & Reporting

Technology is constantly evolving and we make sure that we provide our customers with meaningful analytics that turns data into an insight.

Our technology provides clients with powerful data to visualise and monitor marketing campaigns, website traffic and website analytics. Clear Vertical measure performance by analysing data from clicks on links, how many visitors there are, where visitors are and how they found the site to the user’s journey and provide an insight on what the data means for our clients. This allows us to report any issues and optimise each strategy to get the most out of every project, giving our clients an advantage. This type of web analytic reporting is essential when businesses are investing in Pay-Per-Click advertising, natural search engine marketing, email marketing and any other marketing channel.

Clear Vertical are here to help clients understand their users and effectively implement successful strategies to nurture business growth. Our analytics software includes Google Analytics and other 3rd party software to monitor and provide an in-depth look at every website and marketing campaign in real time with the most accurate data possible. Our extensive data research on clients’ websites and campaigns lets us assess the performance to find areas requiring work, providing content that users want and need and furthermore increasing conversion rates and sales. Our analysis and monthly reporting is continual and keeps our clients aware of everything that is going on.


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